We are so glad you'd like to get to know our family owned insurance agency in Southwest Florida a little better.  The Culbertson Agency happens to be one of the fastest growing insurance agencies in the state of Florida and has won numerous production and customer satisfaction awards.  The Culbertson Agency consistently insures over 300 new customers every month. 

We attribute our success to our agencies unique culture.  We call it 631 Culture and it's based on a verse from the Bible in Luke 6:31 that reads do unto others as you'd have them do to you.  You probably know this as the "golden rule" and it's become somewhat cliche in the business world.  But every agent on our team takes this verse to heart and it seeps through every part of our culture. 

When I welcome a new customer on board at Culbertson Agency they always tell me how floored they are by the service they received.  It is my pleasure to reassure them that they will continue to receive that same high level of service after the sale is over and for the length of time they are a customer with our agency (which we hope is a very long time). 

Take some time and get to know our amazing, professional and extremely personal team. 

Our Team