Insurance for Your ATV, 4-Wheeler, Golf Cart, or Other Vehicles

An insurance policy on an ATV, 4-Wheeler, Golf Cart, or other type of off-road vehicle has some different considerations from your standard auto insurance policy. On the one hand, you're insuring a smaller vehicle that is usually less expensive than your typical coupe or sedan, but you also tend to use them for recreation.

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ATV Insurance

Wherever there's rugged, wild terrain, we know there are (even wilder) off-roaders trying to tame it. But because ATV riding comes with a good deal of risk, it helps to have an ATV insurance policy to help cover whatever the trail throws your way.

ATV insurance is similar to other types of vehicle insurance: having minimum coverage allows you to take your ATV for a spin, but expanding your coverage to include different types of risk is really where you start saving money and preparing for the unpredictable.

When you start an ATV policy, your off-roader will be protected under other vehicle insurance — which covers all sorts of recreational toys, from snowmobiles to Segways and beyond.

Boat & Jet-Ski Coverages

Mastering the open water on your boat is a skill unlike any other. Makes sense, then, that it takes insurance unlike any other to keep your watercraft safe. With a policy through Esurance, you can benefit from boat insurance coverage options uniquely suited to withstand life's crashing waves.

types of boat insurance coverage

Boat insurance through Esurance is perfect for a huge assortment of boats — and boaters. Whether you sail every weekend or just take a couple of fishing trips a year, you can design a unique policy with one of our partners and get coverage for key facets of your boating lifestyle, such as:

Your liability

If you cause an accident, liability coverage helps cover others' property damage or bodily injury bills so you can protect your hard-earned savings.

Your wellbeing

If you're hurt in a boating accident, medical payments protection could cover your injury costs, and those of everyone in the boat at the time, no matter who was responsible. In some states, you must exhaust your regular health insurance before medical payments coverage kicks in.

Your boat

Property damage coverages like collision and comprehensive help keep your watercraft in tip-top shape. You can get help repairing or replacing your vessel if you collide with another boat or object, or suffer non-collision damage such as theft or fire.

Your personal effects and equipment

Even if you think your old, creaky boat isn't worth insuring, chances are the valuables you have on board are. Things like portable radios, wetsuits, and underwater cameras add up in a hurry.

If your boat is ever broken into, you could have trouble replacing your belongings out of pocket. When you get protection through Esurance, you can even secure coverage for pricy navigation gear and fishing equipment.

Your peace of mind

When things get a bit choppy on the water, coverage through one of our partners can keep your confidence cresting. With amazing supplemental protection, like uninsured boater and emergency assistance coverages, you can stay prepared in the event of unforeseen breakdowns and accidents.

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