At the Culbertson Agency we love a good discount as much as any one else. We offer a variety of discounts and bonuses to ensure that you are getting the best price on your auto insurance. There are many different benefits that we offer. This is why we take getting to know you and your situation so seriously. We want to provide you with the most discounts you are eligible for. Below are just some of the discounts we offer:

Premier Discount

This discount might be available to you if you have been accident free and safe on the road for the past three years and you are also clear of any moving violations.

Premier Plus Discount

This discount could be available to you if you are a safe drive and have been accident free with no moving violations in the last five years.

Defensive Drive Discount

If you are 55 or older, and you are the principle drive of your insured vehicle, you could obtain a discount by taking an approved defensive driving class.

Passive Restraint Systems

Available for vehicles that came equipped with airbags, or factory-installed motorized seat belts.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Available for vehicles that have factory installed all wheel, anti-lock braking system.

Anti-Theft Devices

Available for vehicles that came equipped with approved anti-theft devices.

Multiple Policies

If your property is insured by us you could qualify for a discount.

Good Student

If you are 25 or younger, unmarried and a full time student and you meet our GPA requirement you could qualify for this discount.

55 and retired

Available for those 55 or older and not employed full-time.

Type of vehicle

That brand new car you purchased just might save you money on your auto insurance.

Not only can you save money on gas on your economy car, you might also save on your auto insurance.

If you are a full-time farmer or rancher and are insuring your farm or ranch vehicle only for work on your property this discount could apply.